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Qr scan codes are a great addition too your business and the way your business engages with existing as well as new customers. Especially new people who are just learning of you what better way than too provide a qr scan code for them too lock in too what you have too offer them. They can enjoy special offers at your restaurants, or retail stores. 

Whatever business you may have a qr scan code is the way too go. Not only will it introduce you too new customers, it spreads brand awareness through your existing clientele, as that can result in not only word of mouth referrals,but local citations on local search, boosting your local rankings giving you increased exposure online. it's a win win for everyone. We'll create a custom qr scan code tailored specifically too your business. Stand out from your competitors.

If you're not familiar with qr codes, or have never used one, they're very similar too barcodes used by retailers in order too conveniently track inventory, pricing products at point of sale. A great tool too keep your business productive. The main difference between the two is the amount of data they can either store or share. Bar codes are one dimensional codes only holding up too 20 numerical digital. 

Qr codes however are two dimensional 2d matrix barcodes, that can hold much more data containing thousands of alphanumeric characters stored with information. Qr codes have the ability too store more information easing use too make them practical for small businesses. When a customer scans or reads your unique qr code from their Iphone, Android, or other camera enabled smart phone device, it's possible too easily link digital content from the web, activating a number of phone functions including email instant messaging and sms connecting the mobile device directly too a specific web browser. 

These optional functions can easily be achieved by letting us create a high quality qr scan code for your business at an affordable price. It's a very simple process of entering the correct data into the qr code we create. The advantage of qr codes connecting people with one another is just the beginning. It's a very powerful and resourceful tool for businesses and consumers.


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